Modelling Developmental Learning (MoDeL)

Modelling Developmental Learning (MoDeL), funded by EPSRC.

[Alexandros Giagkos, while at Aberystwyth University.]


NEVOCAB (Network-Aware Evolutionary Coordination for Aerial Backbone), funded by Airbus Group.

[Alexandros Giagkos, while at Aberystwyth University.]


RoboComp is a state-of-the-art open-source Robotics framework providing the tools to easily create and modify software components that communicate through public interfaces.

[Luis Manso, while at Universidad de Extremadura.]


SNGNN-x is an open-source project aiming at modelling disruption in human-aware navigation scenarios. It provides a series of Graph Neural Network models with different features. SNGNN-0d provides a single scalar per scenario, which is appropriate to be used as a metric for human-aware navigation. SNGNN-2d provides a two-dimensional grid per scenario, which is helpful for path planning.

[Luis Manso]

SocNav 1/2

SocNav1 (code paper) and SocNav2 (code, dataset, paper) are the datasets used to generate SNGNN-x. While SocNav1 works with static scenarios, SocNav2 provides dynamic scenarios accompanied with videos.

[Luis Manso]